For SUP beginners the ideal conditions are flat, non tidal, no wind, warm water and no other water users, but reality is that Mother Nature has her own ideas. As you progress through your paddleboard experience you will seek out all of the above conditions to test your technique and expertise and further push your boarding knowledge.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 18.55.09For beginners we recommend Chichester ship canal, this is a fantastic location that is available for us to teach on, we launch from the Hunston pontoon where canal traffic is quite light, so teaching conditions are perfect. This allows us to focus on the basics of paddle boarding while enjoying the stunning scenery.

Find out more information about this exquisite location, steeped in local history and a honey pot of beautiful flora and fauna here

Where there is water… We can SUP!

These are just some of the spots that we like to launch from.