So you’ve purchased an inflatable board and your now wondering how easy is it to take on holiday, the manufacturers brochures tell you it’s simple to deflate your board, roll it up and pack it away in the supplied carry bag, glide through the airport and baggage check, reclaim your luggage at your destination, arrive at the beach and inflate your board and paddle off into the sunset, so fact or fiction.
Well pretty much fact, with some careful packing you can take your kit abroad with minimal hassle. So most airlines charge £20-£25 for a checked bag with a weight limit of 20 kilos. The majority of inflatable paddleboards weigh in around 13-15 kilos with the travel bag and pump, add a paddle and that’s another kilo or more, a short wetsuit and boots will add another couple of kilos and throw in a mask and snorkel, beach towel and beach mat and you’ve reached your limit.
Depending on where you go it is always advisable to do a bit of research before you get there, that way the locations you choose should match your paddling skills and you will be up to date with local knowledge and laws, it’s also worth noting that help may not be as available as in the UK so make sure all your kit is in top condition and make a note of any local emergency numbers.
Good luck in exploring all those hard to reach coves and secluded beaches, have fun and keep safe.

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