So whats the best way to learn paddle boarding ?

You’ve seen some people paddling and it doesn’t look that difficult, buy a board and teach yourself. I taught myself how to snowboard twenty years ago and I’m still trying to unlearn the bad techniques that I adopted to get down the mountain.  Bad habits learnt now are difficult to unlearn at a later date, muscle memory is hard to override. The best idea is to spend a little bit of money and obtain some professional tuition. Sound knowledge gained early are the basic building blocks to further develop your skill set and maintain your progression through your paddle boarding experience. Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.42.32

So how do you find an instructor ?  Paddle boarding is accelerating into the mainstream and public domain due to its accessibility, appeal and availability to everyone. Many people believe that it is a simple sport to learn and by that definition should be an easy sport to teach.
Firstly, make sure they are qualified. The majority of qualified paddle board instructors learn the same structured lesson plan for teaching novices. This lesson plan covers the fundamentals of paddle boarding and equips the user with the basic knowledge required to stand up and paddle. Do not be afraid to ask what qualification the instructor holds.
Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 21.11.25Next, make sure they are insured. Any water sport activity poses a risk to the user and third parties and accidents can and do happen. Do not be afraid to ask for details of the type of insurance that the instructor holds, if they have no insurance than they should not be having any paying customers.
 What type of equipment do they provide ? A good instructor will have a fleet of boards and paddles usually from one manufactuer that will cater for adults and children. Do they provide wetsuits, gloves and boots and buoyancy aids ? It is important to learn with the right sized equipment. If they expect you to participate in shorts and on an odd assortment of boards than beware.Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 18.34.57
Where does the instruction take place ? It is important to know whether permission has
been gained from whoever owns the body of water that you are paddling on.  If the instructor does not have permission, whatever insurance the instructor has, if any, is null and void. Avoid the instructor who wants  to meet you at an unsocial hour in an out of the way location.
Do your homework, if you can get a recommendation then great. If not check out  Trip Advisor for reviews.  Check social media for up to date content and posts, read blogs and Facebook reviews.
Good luck with getting out on the water and if you need any more advice than just contact us here.

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