Chichester canal sup paddle board hire tuition is available to everyone. Being on water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There’s nothing like the freedom of being on open water and with SUP Paddle boarding, you can go anywhere. Paddle boarding can be on lakes, rivers, canal or the sea.

chichester canal sup paddle board hire tuition

By engaging your core and keeping your balance, SUP paddle boarding provides an all over balance and strength body work out.

TJ Boardhire advises on starting on flat, calm water, so you can get comfortable with your balance without having to worry about waves too. This is why Chichester Canal, West Sussex is such a great place for learners and cruisers; with no current or waves it makes it the perfect venue.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Chichester, or just fancy getting to grips with SUP, take a walk along the canal up to Hunston Pontoon and hire out one of our top of the range Hatha paddle boards. Included in the hire is a buoyancy aid, O’Neill wetsuit, rash vest and wet suit boots.

Our fully insured and qualified teachers will take you through all the basics so you’re ready for the open water.

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